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Spiders are more than just creepy or messy. North Carolina is home to dangerous spiders that can create real problems with a singular bite.

Spiders can be more difficult to manage than other pests. These 8-legged creatures are fast, most DIY spider control products don’t work on them and there’s always the danger of being injected with a poisonous venom. At Murray Pest Control, we will help you get rid of spiders quickly, effectively, and most importantly, safely.

Signs of an Infestation

Murray Pest Control provides comprehensive spider control solutions that not only deal with current infestations, but prevent spiders from entering your home or business in the future. Murray Pest Control exterminators are licensed, experienced and trained to handle any pest lurking in your property. Because your welfare is highly important to us, we only use the latest and safest pest control products.

We will work with you and give you an honest assessment of the infestation in your premises. Our first step is thorough property inspection to locate any existing spiders, nests and food sources. The extent of infestation and all access points will be determined. After the initial checking, our pest control specialists will provide a customized treatment that best fits your needs.

Our pest experts will take care of your spider problem by treating active spider infestations, removing unsightly webs and sealing all points of entry. In many cases, it is necessary for our exterminators to treat for both spiders and the insects they feed upon. With our high-quality spider control service, you can rest assured that the spiders won’t return in the future.


Known as Class Arachnida, spiders have eight legs and two distinct body segments. Although spiders do not have wings or antennae like insects, they can easily infest a home and make themselves a nuisance.

Spiders prefer to live in dark, moist environments, so it is common for them to make homes in basements, crawl spaces, attics and closets. Spiders feed on other insects, so it is also common for an insect infestation to lead to an infestation of spiders. Female spiders reproduce by creating an egg sac to hold their young. Spiderlings molt and become adults over time, creating a cycle of infestation.

Without professional intervention, it is easy to wipe out the adult spider population in your home only to discover that a new generation has emerged. To ensure total pest elimination, Murray Pest Control exterminates spiders at all stages of the life cycle to ensure that they aren’t able to breed.

There are many ways in which spiders can enter the home, but improperly screened doors and windows are the most common. Check for cracks in your door and window frames that spiders may be using as an entrance. It is also possible for spiders to infest the home by coming in on boxes and old items that haven’t been moved for a long time. Spiders gravitate towards objects and areas of the home that have remained undisturbed for a significant amount of time.

Presence of Spider Webs

One of the first signs of a spider infestation is the increased appearance of spider webs. Spiders produce a highly elastic silk material they use to create egg sacs and spin webs to trap prey. If there are many spider webs around your home, you likely have a growing spider population. Some webs may appear thickly clustered and almost opaque, while others follow a thin, classic spider web pattern.


Some spiders create burrows or live in tight spaces around the home. These spiders often hide in or under cabinets, within cracks in the walls, and in basements and crawl spaces. Any gap in your foundation can serve as a home for certain species of spiders. To prevent infestation, our licensed spider control technicians will ensure that any gaps or cracks in the foundation of the home are filled so spiders can’t simply escape and return later.

Painful Bite

Despite the fact that they cannot chew, many spiders have a painful bite, which can be the first sign of an infestation and the need for spider control. While some spiders are venomous, most are only capable of seriously harming small prey such as insects and mice. Despite the fact that very few spiders are lethal to adults, their bites can still be painful. Proper spider control is the only way to completely prevent spider bites in your environment. Pest control services keep your home and family safe from common household spiders as well as venomous species.

While some spider infestations are obvious, others occur in areas of the home that are not frequently visited. If you believe that you have a spider infestation, the best thing to do is to consult a professional pest control service.

Cockroach population will easily grow into the hundreds and thousands if not controlled. Although the use of over the spray counter pesticides can bring a small relief to homeowners as they eliminate roaches that they see, this will not guarantee a full remedy. For instance, the German cockroach population has developed a multi-chemical resistance, which makes pesticides less effective. Different species of cockroach can be very different on where they like to live, what they eat, and how they populate, which makes identifying the cockroach species important in order to control them. Thus, it is necessary to leave cockroach control in the hands of the experts.

Kind Pest acknowledges the unique needs of your home or business and will provide you with the proper remedy that will be made specifically to your needs. We will be glad to take the time and explain the exact way on how we will get rid of your cockroach problems and what to expect after the procedure. We understand your needs, which is why we provide courteous and knowledgeable technicians to come to your home or business on time and give you the service you truly need. It is not worth sacrificing the quality of your home or business because of your cockroach problem. Make Kind Pest Control your solution to protecting your family, home or business from cockroaches.

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DIY solutions

Simply treating a spider infestation may make the pests disappear for a limited period of time, but it is likely that they will come back at a later date. It is vital to address the long-term issues in your property with Murray Pest Control that are making it vulnerable to pests in the first place.