Cockroach Pest Control Facts

Effective cockroach control requires a thorough extermination and improving your environment to prevent their return. Cockroaches truly are survival experts. They actually thrive in unsavory conditions. Their ability to quickly access areas that we humans cannot, or will not, makes the cockroach a difficult adversary. This is also the main reason most Do-It-Yourself roach control products are much less effective than advertised. Professional treatments are the most effective solution available to both homes and businesses.

Cockroaches are slim and can access your home through small cracks in your rook or walls, roof and laundry vents, and up your plumbing and sewer drains. These are places that most people don’t think about when trying to kill roaches on their own. Yet, the best defense against cockroaches is to prevent them from your home in the first place by keeping your kitchen and garbage areas clean. In some cases, where large infestations are involved, cleaning alone may not entirely solve the problem.

Signs of an Infestation

  • Cockroaches seen during the day
  • Presence of cockroach feces
  • Strong oily or musty odor
  • Bodies of dead cockroaches
  • Sight of oval-shaped egg cases
  • Cast skins


Cockroaches love to live virtually anywhere food is located. These nocturnal insects tend to live close to a food source and feed at night, and prefer building a home in dark and moist places. They can easily fit through narrow areas and into parts of homes and businesses not often seen without being detected. This can result in large population growth of cockroaches under your nose without knowing it. Before long it becomes possible there is an overwhelming invasion of roaches on your property.

  • Contamination of food and eating utensils
  • Production of unpleasant odor
  • Transmission of bacteria to the food we consume, causing food poisoning
  • Capable of transmitting disease-causing organisms such as Staphylococcus spp., Streptococcus spp., hepatitis virus, coliform bacteria, and implicated in the spread of typhoid and dysentery
  • Source of allergens and risk for asthma among some populations
  • Immediate loss of trust of customers and employees
  • Damages to ingredients, packaged foods and water sources
  • Potential health risks
  • Temporary or permanent closure depending on the severity of the infestation

A home is a perfect environment for cockroaches. They have access to warmth, water and food along with plenty of places to hide a nest. This is where cockroaches can wreak havoc on your property because unchecked, roaches will multiply without you even being aware of it. This is why it is so important to take professional action at the first site of cockroaches in your home or business.

This is extremely important for businesses. If your business is food processing and service, pharmaceutical manufacturing, any sort of hospitality you need to keep roaches out. Kind Pest Control helps protect your business from pest threats. Our ongoing pest management service discreetly exterminates pest issues you have now and helps prevent pest issues in the future.

Cockroach population will easily grow into the hundreds and thousands if not controlled. Although the use of over the spray counter pesticides can bring a small relief to homeowners as they eliminate roaches that they see, this will not guarantee a full remedy. For instance, the German cockroach population has developed a multi-chemical resistance, which makes pesticides less effective. Different species of cockroach can be very different on where they like to live, what they eat, and how they populate, which makes identifying the cockroach species important in order to control them. Thus, it is necessary to leave cockroach control in the hands of the experts.

Murray Pest acknowledges the unique needs of your home or business and will provide you with the proper remedy that will be made specifically to your needs. We will be glad to take the time and explain the exact way on how we will get rid of your cockroach problems and what to expect after the procedure. We understand your needs, which is why we provide courteous and knowledgeable technicians to come to your home or business on time and give you the service you truly need. It is not worth sacrificing the quality of your home or business because of your cockroach problem. Make Murray Pest Control your solution to protecting your family, home or business from cockroaches.

Next Steps

Murray Pest Approach

  • Treat the property to eliminate the roaches you have
  • Eliminate hiding places and pathways into your home
  • Identify actionable things you can do to remove potential infestations
  • Inspect your property on an ongoing basis to ensure roaches don’t return

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