Get professional help immediately if your home experiences any of the following symptoms of rodent infestation:

  • Gnaw marks in walls and along floors
  • Distinctive musky odors that will not go away
  • Torn packages of food
  • Nests made of shredded materials
  • Droppings or trails of urine
  • Dead rodents in open sight
  • Rodent footprints
  • Burrows in the garden area


Protecting your home or business from rodents should be a top priority. Ongoing exposure to mice and rat feces can create severe health risks. Murray Pest Control specializes in rodent removal and exclusion services. We provide fast, affordable and reliable rodent control solutions to residential and commercial clients. We understand the undue stress of dealing with rats, mice and other rodents; that’s why protecting your home or business from rodents is our top priority!


Calling Murray Pest Control immediately is the right thing to do if your home is experiencing any of the symptoms that indicate a rodent infestation. We will follow up on your observations and find out exactly what kind of rodent you have in your home, where they are nested, how they got in, and most importantly, how to get them out.

Rodents are sneaky and very resourceful. However, we are trained to use the signs that we find to track and eliminate rodents at their source, ensuring the integrity of your home for the season. Your first visit from a Murray Pest Control representative will see a full diagnosis of the problem and our plan of attack against them. We will check all of the common areas known for rodent infestation, including kitchens, bathrooms and bedroom spaces. We bring the tech to reverse engineer the movement of infestations, finding their source and creating a strategy to hit them at the point of entry. Murray Pest will utilize tools to look more deeply into the nooks and crevices of your home than a DIY assessment will allow.

Murray Pest Control wants to ensure that you never go through a rodent infestation more than once. With this in mind, we will schedule routine check ups to ensure that our first treatment took hold successfully. We will also assess whether your problem has been solved for good and take steps to keep future problems from occurring.

We document all steps in all visits so that you can completely understand our process as we clear your home of rodents. We will encourage you with DIY tips that you can implement immediately to help ensure the integrity of your home.

Even the smallest hole in the infrastructure of your home can serve as an invitation to a rodent infestation. The smallest details, such as extra mulch from a gardening job or a leaf pileup, can create the environment around your property for rodent infestations to occur. If you have any food crumbs or open sugar packages lying around the house, you can attract these rodents into your living space without knowing it.

Most rodent infestations will take place under your nose. Rodents tend to move at night during the time when most people are asleep; they are surprisingly quiet and hidden during the day.

In order to help ward off rodent infestations both before and after a Murray Pest Control treatment, you can take the following steps:

  • Ensure that there are no large piles of molds or leaves outside of your home.
  • Have a home assessment done by an accredited professional. Any holes in your outside infrastructure should be plugged with steel wool. Make sure that your insulation has full integrity in order to ward off rodent infestations.
  • Keep your garbage both inside of the house and outside tightly sealed in closed bags. Cover all garbage cans with tight fitting lids.
  • Vacuum regularly around your home, especially in the corners of rooms with a lot of activity such as the living room and the kitchen.
  • If you have a bird feeder outside, you may have to stop feeding birds for the current season while you are trying to have an infestation controlled. The same food that you feed the birds can be an invitation for unwelcome rodents.
  • Air out your home every week or so to get rid of stale smells that may attract rodents that are looking for food sources.

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